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american-dental-associationI have long advocated that when you brush (& floss!) your teeth it is the brushing/flossing action that is removing bacterial plaque build up on your teeth. This study done by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology confirms that observation.

The selection of toothpaste is not cleaning your teeth. The dentifrice that you select however has very beneficial additional help in maintaining and preventing dental troubles.Dentifrices should contain fluoride, which helps remineralize your bacterial acid attacked enamel. It is very beneficial on the smooth surfaces of your teeth and also helps make them more resilient to bacterial produced acid. Additionally, dentifrices can contain antibacterial agents, breath freshening compounds, whitening agents, and flavoring agents that help make for a more pleasant experience.
Using a dentifrice will help with these additional prevention abilities, but it is your brushing and flossing that is going to keep that plaque under control for you.

Invest in a high quality sonic technology brush like the Phillips Sonicare, and select a dentifrice that works for your needs. An ADA accepted dentifrice is always a good choice. Wear out some brushes to maintain your oral health.
Keep them clean to keep them smiling!

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We want to let you know that we will be having a new traffic light and road construction at our entry at Valmont Road at 29th Street. Plans are for construction to continue until summer of 2017!
Access SHOULD be open during this time, however you may find it easier to come in off of Glenwood Avenue which is one street further to the north. To come in off Glenwood, turn south at 29th Street and go around the dog-leg to the left. Continue on south to our parking lot on the east (left) side. We don’t believe there will be many problems within this, but we want to be sure you know there could be some delay getting here!

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I often get asked-“What do you fill a root canal with?” After answering by stating a eugenol based liquid sealer and “Gutta Percha” I often get an unusual stare. This article describes and discusses this unusual materials background and interesting history. Some very useful products come from some of natures great wonders.

The Forgotten Material That Changed the World

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Boulder’s premier 10K foot race is coming next Monday!! Hope to see some of you out there. Beat my time and your next checkup appointment is on me-but you’ll have to be fast!¬†This event is a great way to stay healthy and active and celebrate our freedoms provided by those we pay tribute to on this day. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and celebration. Remember those warriors that have given us this wonderful gift.

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In a town known for its high level athletes, it is important to recognize that we are at higher risk for dental decay and stress related bruxing wear of our teeth. Prevention is the primary way we can have a chance to keep our teeth healthy throughout our lifetime. Recognize these areas of threat and do YOUR part to maintain a healthy mouth!